Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The role of the Jafaria School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is having administrators, teachers, and parents work together for the success of our students.

The PTO sponsors assistance to teachers in classroom setting, holds fund-raisers for supplemental educational materials and activities, organizes and supports school graduation activities and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.

Our PTO meetings are informative and action driven. Speakers from the community may be invited to provide informative discussion that could enhance student experience and education.

We encourage all of our parents to join the PTO. Meetings are held on the third Sunday each month during the school year. All parents are welcomed to the meetings. We always need Parent Volunteers!

A few things PTO can help/lead:
1-Help with Book sale/library membership
2-Organize with school graduation activities
3-Help with Parent teacher conferences
4-Help with upcoming special events
5-Organize community engagement activities–such as food drive
6-Organize fun and educational activities.
7-Organize field trips.
8-Lead and coordinate “Jafaria School Store” and other Sales requested during Jafaria school activities

Contact the PTO at:

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