Online Textbooks

The textbooks used by Jafaria School can be downloaded from the links below:

Textbook Distribution Policy:

  • Students will be issued multiple storybooks / workbooks / textbooks throughout the school year.
  • Students must not write in, desecrate, damage, or lose their textbooks.
  • Students are expected to promptly return their textbooks to the teacher upon completion of the units of study being taught from each book.
  • Students will not be able to receive the next textbook or storybook in the series until and unless the previous textbook or storybook is returned.
  • Students who lose their textbooks must pay a $20 replacement fee per book.
  • Parents and students may download the PDFs from the above links free of charge at any time.

Textbook Re-Order Form:

Have you lost a textbook and need to order a new copy?

Or you need to pay a lost-textbook fee?

Please use the form below:


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