School Administration Team

The Jafaria School Administration Team is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the school.

Dr. Abida Jafri
Head Principal

Br. Hyder Khan
Chief Administrator

Sr. Lama Bazzi
Vice Principal

Br. Adil Nathani
Office Manager

Sr. Hina Ali
Help Desk Manager
Event Manager

Br. Gulam Abbas Jaffer
Technology Infrastructure Manager

Br. Mustafa Jafri
Office / Technology Management

Br. Zain Razak

Dr. Tahira Hussain
School Nurse

Dr. Tahira Hussain
School Nurse

Sr. Farzaneh Galehdsry
Lunch Coordinator

DEDICATED TO SERVING THE Islamic community of central NEW JERSEY since 1998.

Jafaria School
Of Central Jersey

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