Special Hands – The Story of Abbas by Annila Hall


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Our kids daydream about make believe heroes that come from different planets. Sometimes, those heroes are rich people that have the ability to build gadgets to fight monsters. Or even more foolish, the hero is a handsome prince who fights and kills to save a pretty girl, so he can marry her. What inspires those heroes is either hate or love of a person.

Lucky Mom tells the true story of Abbas, peace be upon him, in a way kids can appreciate and learn from. This story is about an important hero in the history of Islam. He is the son of Imam Ali, the commander of the faithful, peace be upon him and his family. Abbas demonstrates his true love of Allah by making the ultimate sacrifice for his brother Hussein, peace be upon him. It is done in a poetic easy style which the kids will enjoy reading, Inshallah.

Lucky Mom suggests it is important for parents to read these books together with their children and to discuss in a sweet and fun way. Try to have an enjoyable time when reading Islamic books. You will notice your kids will want to read these books over and over because of the time spent with you as they are falling in love with Islam.

Remember it is the duty of the parents to make sure their children know about Islam. Masjids and weekend schools only emphasize what you teach your children at home.