Reaching Imam Mahdi From the Love of Imam Hussain



Going through Imam Hussain is the fastest and safest way to reach the Imam of our time, Imam Mahdi. In this book you will learn how to reach Imam Mahdi through Imam Hussain with many attractive illustrations and stories; all divided into four simple and smart parts benefiting all ages.

Part One: Knowing Imam Hussain; from the time before Allah created any human until the day of Ashura. And the reason for Imam Hussain’s sacrifice.

Part Two: Visiting Imam Hussain (ziyarah); learning the importance of visiting Imam Hussain and encouraging you to visit his Holy Shrine for reaching Imam Mahdi.

Part Three: Lessons of Attending Hussainiya; learning the morals a lover of Imam Hussain must have for reaching Imam Mahdi.

Part Four: Lessons of Ashura; learn some great lessons from the actions of Imam Hussain and his family and friends that will make you stronger for reaching Imam Mahdi.