Hussain: Never To Humiliation



Hussain: Never To Humiliation
Get ready for an epic journey through one of history’s most influential and enduring stories. With this graphic novel, you’ll witness the story of the Master of the Martyrs like never before. The sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his family on the sands of Karbala is a tale of oppression and injustice, good versus evil, and the triumph of the revolutionary spirit.
Figs & Olives Publications, in cooperation with Mohammad Hamza, Presents “Hussain: Never to Humiliation.” This book is a visually stunning addition to the rich tradition of Ashura literature and a vision that will stay with you long after you turn the last page, to stand up to its reputation as a story of the ages.”
This book will profoundly impact readers as it revisits the tragedy that gathers millions to the same site each year. It is not just a phrase given to this book; it embodies it.
Echoed by every Imam in every epoch following the Muharram massacre is the eternal slogan, “Every day is Ashoura. Every land is Karbala.”
Hussain lives on the front lines of the struggle against evil, no matter what mask it wears. The lovers of justice will always find strength in their cry: “Labaika ya Hussain.”