How to Pray a Good Prayer by Ali Reza Panahian



What is the most essential and important attribute of a good prayer? How can we enjoy prayer? What is the important problem with our prayers? What stages are involved in achieving a loving prayer? What is the most important method for promoting prayer? Why are the sins of all those who don’t pray on the shoulders of those who do pray? Many benefits from praying have been mentioned in the traditions. If you ask mystics or scholars about how to reach heights in spiritual matters, they will emphasize “prayer.” If prayer is truly this important and effective, why doesn’t it affect us?! After praying all of these prayers, why haven’t we become mystics? If “prayer is the ascension of the believer” and it is enjoyable, why don’t we ever enjoy praying?! And actually, prayer has become a repetitive and tedious task for us! What’s wrong with our prayers?! What can we do for our prayers to help us to grow and have an effect on us? If the people who pray, pray well, those who don’t pray will fall in love with praying. We consider the sins of all those who don’t pray to be the fault of those who pray. Why? Because, if those who pray, pray well, enjoy their prayers enough and gain ample benefit from them, naturally most of those who don’t pray will gravitate toward praying. This is the way to promote religion. If we wish to struggle to encourage those who don’t pray to pray, the best way is to first pay more attention to our own prayers and to improve them.