Grandpa & Hadith al-Kisa by Annila Hall


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Anniseh and Ilia are thrilled that their ill grandfather has come to live with them. Unfortunately, his relationship to their father had been strained for years because of his conversion to Islam.

The compassionate and respectful behavior from his son has made him eager to learn more about Ahlul-Bayt and the Holy Quran. He and his son go on an adventure, as will the readers, to understand the importance of the verse/Ayah Tat’hir.

They then recited the translation of Hadith al-Kisa. This Hadith is about the time Prophet, PBUH, received the Purification Verse. The children’s mother had translated this story to English in a poetic style.

Lucky Mom suggest it is important for parents to read these books together with their children and to discuss in a sweet and fun way. Try to have an enjoyable time when reading Islamic book.s You will notice your children will want to read these books over and over because of the time spent with you as they are falling in love with Islam. Remember it is the duty of the parents to make sure their children know about Islam. Masjids and weekend schools only emphasize what you teach your children at home.