But Why is the Hijab so Special? by Sahar Jaber



“But Why is the Hijab so Special?” is a book that aims to answer the many questions that Muslim youth have surrounding the hijab, in the most comprehensive way possible. We all may have asked this particular question at one point in time, yet we may not have been provided with a sufficient answer. This book explores this question in depth and encourages children to have the confidence to ask the question, why? Empowering our children with information underpinning Islamic practices will cultivate their confidence while enacting these practices. It will serve as a positive drive for them to perform the task, and a continual aspiration to do better.

In this book, the protagonist, Leya, finds herself conflicted when trying to understand as to why she feels the hijab is special. She realizes that the hijab is an important part of being a Muslim, but doesn’t quite understand why. She begins her quest to find the answer. She relies on knowledgeable and influential members of her family and community members to help her on her journey. In the end, she comes to better understand why Allah (swt) has bestowed Muslim women with the gift of wearing the hijab.

This book will help your child:
– Find the confidence they need to wear the hijab wholeheartedly
– Understand the jurisdiction of the hijab.
– Appreciate the different ways in which the hijab can be worn.
– Analyze historical texts of the Prophet and his holy household (pbut).
– Create admiration and respect for the hijab and those that wear it.
– Learn new skills and confidence to explore a subject they know little about.
– Teaches males their social responsibility to modesty and creates an appreciation of females.
– Builds an admiration for worshiping God entirely.
– This book targets males and females ages 7 to 15.

Each book comes with a special novelty pen!