But Why is Prayer So Special? By Sahar Jaber



Hussein – like most kids – finds it hard to pray on time, especially when there are so many other fun things to do, like playing soccer! But he couldn’t ignore the guilt he felt deep inside for neglecting his salat. With the encouragement of his teacher, he sets out on a quest to learn more about salat and, in the process, gains a deeper understanding of himself and Allah (s.w.t).

Join Hussein on his journey as he discovers everything from the benefits of praying on time to the significance of wudhu, and learns to appreciate what makes salat so uniquely special. From the first page of this fun-filled adventure, you’ll be thoroughly captivated and never look at salat the same way again!
Let the journey begin!


-Each book includes a complimentary outdoor prayer mat!
-260 pages
-Hardcover with premium quality paper and fabric spine.
-Reading ribbon attached to the spine.
-Shrink-wrapped to secure perfect condition.