Brave – My Perfect Leader Lady Fatima by Annila Hall


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A polite American Muslim girl named Anniseh stands up to some older boys who were bullying a friend of hers at school. Her teacher, Mrs. Logan, asks Anniseh how she got the courage to be so brave. Anniseh replies by telling her that she learned from the greatest lady of the two worlds, heaven and earth, Lady Fatima, peace be upon her and her family.

She explains to Mrs. Logan about this perfect lady that was highly educated by the greatest teacher ever, her father, Prophet of Islam Mohammad, peace be upon him and his family. Anniseh tells about the teachings and sacrifices that Lady Fatima Zahra, PBUH, made for all women.

Lucky Mom suggests, it is always wise to read Islamic stories with your children and then to discuss them. This should be an enjoyable moment. So have a good tiem. It is your duty as Muslim parents to teach your kids about Islam.