ABC of Islam: An Alphabet Book


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An engaging alphabet book designed to introduce young Shia children to the essential elements of their faith!

From A to Z, children will learn about important Shia beliefs, practices, and stories, such as Allah, Imamate, Moharram, Salah, and Charity, to name a few.

Alongside each concept, simple explanations are provided to ensure a clear understanding of its meaning and significance. Through this approach, children develop a strong foundation in their faith while building their vocabulary and literacy skills.

Here are some of the standout features of this book:

  • Introduces the Shia Faith: The ABC book is specifically tailored for Shia kids, introducing them to important concepts, values, and practices of Shia Islam.
  • Engaging Illustrations: The book features visually captivating illustrations that engage young readers and bring the content to life, making the learning experience enjoyable.
  • Values and Role Models: This book emphasizes important values and introduces Shia role models to inspire positive character development.
  • Informative Explanations: The book provides clear and concise explanations for each concept from A-Z in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Resource for Parents and Educators: This book is perfect for parents, educators, and Shia communities seeking to educate young children about the essence of their faith.


Add this book to your child’s collection and nurture a lifelong connection to the beautiful teachings of Islam among young Shia hearts!