ABC of Islam: Activity Book


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An engaging and interactive ABC Activity Book designed specifically for Shia children aged 4 to 8.

With over 150 pages of captivating activities, this book combines the joy of play with valuable educational content, introducing young Shia children to the essential principles and teachings of Islam.

Each letter of the alphabet is associated with an important Islamic concept, value, or historical event relevant to the Shia faith. Through a variety of activities such as coloring, puzzles, tracing, and matching games, children will explore these concepts in an enjoyable and age-appropriate way. They will discover the significance of Ahlulbayt (as), the love for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the beauty of Salah, the names of the12 Imams, and much more!

This comprehensive activity book serves as a valuable tool for parents, educators, and Shia communities seeking to engage young children in meaningful learning experiences. The diverse range of activities keeps children entertained while reinforcing important Islamic values and principles. With its extensive content and interactive nature, the book offers hours of educational fun that empowers young Shia children to embrace the beauty and wisdom of their faith.

Let the “ABC of Islam Activity Book” be a delightful companion for young Shia learners as they embark on an exciting adventure of discovery, learning, and joyful exploration of Islam!