3 Board Books & Finger Puppet Set by Um Aimen Al-Attar


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3 adorable kids Shia’a board books and finger puppets set with Islamic concepts of Wudhu, Salat and Blessed names. Teach your child through these adorable pastel board books.

Story one:
Baby does Wudhu

Baby gets wet with wudhu water while baba performs Wudhu.

Story two:
Climb a step. Learn a name.
Learn the words of Allah, Mohammed, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain in this adorable Shia’a board book for children to learn the blessed names of the Holy Ahlulbayt.

Book three:
It’s salat time

Baby is hiding! Where is he? He can sense mama close but where is she? An adorable baby board book for Shia’a kids showing the concept of salat, prayers. Includes illustration of turba, muhur on prayer mat.

Comes with 5 cute character finger puppets.