Salat Textbooks

As we begin the Fiqh trimester of the school year, students will begin to focus on the practical aspects of salat.

Last year, all 3rd through 10th graders received a Salat Textbook, to keep in their possession for the entirety of their time at Jafaria School through graduation.

All returning students who are in 4th through 10th grade this year are expected to bring your copies of the textbook with them to class every week during he Fiqh trimester.

All students in the 3rd grade, as well as all brand-new students who have joined us this year, will receive copies within the next few weeks.

What if I have misplaced my copy of the Salat Textbook?

If you have misplaced your copy of the textbook, there is a $20 replacement fee to purchase a new one. Please submit your request for a new textbook online using the Textbook Order Form. To remit your payment, you may write a check payable to Jafaria School.

Is the Salat Textbook available online?

You may also download a PDF copy online for free from the Online Textbooks section of our website.

What does the Salat Textbook look like?

For reference, here is what it looks like, if you are searching for it at home: