Welcome To The Masjid-e-Ali Library

Mission Statement

One of the goals of Jafaria School is to promote a culture of Islamic literacy in our students.

By introducing our children to the multitude of English-language Islamic books that are aimed at children and the youth, that are available in publication today, we aim to improve their level of knowledge, pique their intellectual curiosity, and to imbibe within them a sense of pride in their religious identity.

Since the inauguration of the Masjid-e-Ali Library in 2015, it has grown to include well over 600 books. By incorporating and encouraging frequent visits to the library as part of our curriculum, we hope to inculcate a greater sense of appreciation for the massive wealth of knowledge that is available at our disposal.

Library Hours

The Masjid-e-Ali Library is open seven days a week for browsing through the book collection.

However, check in and check out of books is only available when a librarian is on duty. No books should be removed from the library unless checked out by a librarian on duty.

Librarian hours coincide with Jafaria School hours. The library staff is available every Sunday from 10:30AM to 2PM, except during school holidays.

How To Check Out Books

To check out books from the library, you must have a valid library card, issued by the Masjid-e-Ali Library.

If you do not already have one, you can sign up for one by completing the Library Membership Form and handing it to a librarian on duty. The fee is $2 per year, per patron.

Checkouts and renewals are for 2 weeks at a time.

Browse Our Online Catalog

Our catalog of library books is now available online.
(The ability to checkout, renew, or place books on hold is coming soon.)

Library Catalog

How To Return Books

Books may be returned during Jafaria School hours, when a librarian is on duty.

If a librarian is not on duty, you may return the book by dropping it off in the Drop Off Bin located in the library room.


Books may be renewed by bringing them in and presenting them to a librarian. If you wish to renew a library book without bringing the book in, you may also do so by sending an email to us at: masjidealilibrary@gmail.com.


late fee will be assessed for any overdue books.

Contact Us

You can contact the Jafaria School library anytime via email at masjidealilibrary@gmail.com.