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School Uniforms Are Now Mandatory For All Students

School uniforms are now mandatory for all students.

Information on how to order additional uniforms is available below:

Dress Code:

See below for our uniform requirements for both boys and girls.

If you have any questions about the dress code, please contact a member of the school administration or email us at

Boys Uniform Requirements:

Tops: Polo long sleeve shirts white, navy and light blue
Pants: navy and khaki

Girls Uniform Requirements:

Tops:long sleeve polo  dresses light blue and navy
Pants: white, navy and khakis
Hijab: white, navy and khaki
Optional: abaya

How To Purchase Your Uniforms Online:

Jafaria School has partnered with for its school uniform needs. (LandsEnd is a Sears brand.)

Below are the instructions how to order your uniform clothing online:

Visit the Jafaria School Lands End Store Online

If you need to return or exchange your uniforms, you may do so in person at any LandsEnd (Sears) location.

While the component of the uniform that requires the logo must be placed online or in person at Jafaria School (as it is a special order), the rest of the uniform, that does not have a logo on it, may be purchased in person at any LandsEnd (Sears) location.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery, therefore it is imperative that you place your uniform orders as soon as possible.

Locate Your Nearest LandsEnd (Sears) Store:

Store Locator