The Star Reading Club:
Read 10 Books To Win A Prize!

Literacy and knowledge are part and parcel of the message of Islam. On the heels of the success of last year’s reading challenge, the 2nd Annual Library Reading Challenge has begun!

Students are encouraged to check out books from the Masjid-e-Ali Library and read as many as they can.

Top Readers Will Earn Prizes

Star Reading Club Contest Rules:

  1. Books must be checked out from the Masjid-e-Ali Library.
  2. Students must have a library card registered with the Masjid-e-Ali library.
  3. Students must present their physical library card in order to check out books.
  4. After reading the books, they must be entered into the reading log (which will be provided to students in class), and a parent must sign.
  5. Books must be returned to the library on time, by the due date.
  6. For every 10 books the child reads, they will receive a prize.
  7. The child / children with the most books read by the end of the contest will win prizes.
  8. Books must be checked out from the library, and be age-appropriate, otherwise the book will not be counted as part of the Reading Club.
  9. This contest is open to all students of Jafaria School.
  10. The deadline for the contest is Saturday March 31st, 2018.

You can download a copy of the reading log here:

Reading Log

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